What I do in these situations is disconnect for a while, keep my distance. Even if you're were willing to talk to her about some of the specific issues bothering you, she'd probably need to acquire some of her own time and distance from her current drama to even understand, let alone absorb, what it is you'd have to… » 10/19/14 9:04pm 10/19/14 9:04pm

Do you feel the compulsion to do this in all spaces or just predominantly non black spaces? Like, I definitely always display social solidarity with the other black girl at the mostly white party, but when I'm just walking through Harlem or the Bronx, ain't nobody got time for a half million head nods. » 10/16/14 4:16pm 10/16/14 4:16pm

Yeah, but I'm talking about totally innocuous things that, in my experience, are guaranteed make people lunge at my jugular. Like, I've had multiple conversations about race and abortion where the attacks didn't get as zero to sixty personal as they did from an idle mention of my film degree. » 10/16/14 1:29pm 10/16/14 1:29pm